[sword-devel] poetry formatting (was Re: Vertical whitespace)

Nic Carter niccarter at mac.com
Sun Feb 3 17:33:41 MST 2013

> If there's just a div with a CSS class, frontends can handle that as they require, and the indenting support shouldn't cause an issue.

depending on how nicely the different front-ends play with the HTML that the filters provide? I didn't play nicely enough in PS & so had to clean up some of my PS code...  ;)

> In the <l> handling code, I have these lines:
> 		if not self.in_lg:
> 			dprint(WARNING, "l outside lg??? (or block doesn't contain lg)")
> 			self.start_lg(None)
> In other words, we always have an implicit <lg> if there wasn't one in the current chapter and we got to an <l>.
> This seems to work very well. 

I am concerned with implementing a hack like this in libsword as it encourages malformed modules. Or at least it doesn't encourage module-makers to make sure their OSIS is good enough?
However, as you say, it seems to work very well & so I may do something similar...  ;)

> Looking forward to seeing poetry support in PS...

yup, coming. :)
It's looking great on an iPad and quite nice on an iPhone. :)
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