[sword-devel] KJV Update

DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Sun Feb 3 16:58:07 MST 2013

I have an update for the KJV here:

Basic details:
Splits: (Indicate Greek translated into an English phrase that is interrupted by the translation of another Greek word or added text.)
In the Greek, the mechanism for denoting splits have changed. In the past the type and subType attributes were used to indicate this with type="x-split" and subType="x-NN", where NN was unique to the verse. It was on one part of the split and not the other. Sometimes the first part, and sometimes the other. There were several problems with this. First, it was inconvenient to have it only on one part. To use it one had to use the src attribute to find the other part. SwordWeb in fact ignored it and just used the src attribute. Now, the type and subType attributes are merged into the type attribute. The form is now type="x-split-NN" where NN is a globally unique number identifying the split. And now it is on all parts of the split. 

In the Hebrew there were references to the Strong's Number H00. These indicated a split. These have been replaced with the above notation for splits. No sense in having two different mechanism.

Clean up of Strong's Numbers and Robinson Morphological Codes.
There were many verses that had many words in the Greek that were not attached to English text. All verses having 4 or more have been updated. Many of the other verse were updated as well.

There were some that had Strong's Numbers but no Robinson. These have been all updated.

There were many verses that had extraneous Greek. This was an artifact of the Greek text that was used for the KJV2003 effort. These have been deleted.

There are about 400 verses having variants in the Greek. These verses have been compared and fixed up as needed.

I've added in the Greek from the TR, it is in the lemma attribute, prefixed by tr: When there are more than one Strong's Number, there is more than one TR word. The first Strong's number pairs with the first TR word, the second with the second and so forth. The SWORD and JSword engine has no special ability regarding this. That may come. 

I would appreciate feedback. 

In His Service,

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