[sword-devel] Eusebian Canon Tables

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Fri Feb 1 09:34:02 MST 2013

I'm working on a new data set and feature for the engine.

Eusebian Canon Tables are numbers added by scribes to many NT 
manuscripts starting in the 4th century.  These tables allow cross 
referencing a passage in the Gospels with other parallel passages in the 
other Gospels.  There are 10 tables.  The first table has verses with 
parallels in all 4 Gospels, the last table  (X) are verses with no 
parallels (thus there is no lookup table X).

We have the data here at the INTF and I've imported it into a SWORD 
module.  It still has some cleanup which needs to be done, but basically 
here is a first look at how I'd picture this implemented in frontends:


Notice the number and table references on the left (or right if viewing 
an RtoL Bible).  This display is modeled after how these numbers are 
displayed in the Nestle-Aland Greek NT (which is modeled after how they 
are written in the margins by the ancient scribes). Clicking a number 
will do all the canon table lookups for you and show you the harmony 
passages next to each other.

Any comments welcome.  Still cleaning things up but was far enough along 
to put the idea out there for frontend developers to start thinking about.


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