[sword-devel] Lexical fields

Timothy S. Nelson wayland at wayland.id.au
Sat Aug 24 07:50:38 MST 2013

On Thu, 22 Aug 2013, Chris Burrell wrote:

> For our lexicon, we don't use SWORD modules because they aren't flexible 
> enough. The main drawback was the lack of segregation of different parts of 
> data.

 	I'm assuming that by "Segregation", you mean that they didn't have a 
wide enough variety of fields in which data could be encoded?

> I'm not an expert but I didn't think the current OSIS would let you do what 
> I attached in the previous files, such that you could retrieve them 
> separately. We also wanted control of how the indexing would happen.

 	Yes, I suspect you're right.

> On the other hand, STEP's datasets are all based off Lucene, so there's no 
> reason why a new 'flexible' Sword module format couldn't be created.

 	I guess that's what I'd like :).  In theory, OSIS allows multiple 
indices; AFAICT SWORD doesn't support this.


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