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Timothy S. Nelson wayland at wayland.id.au
Thu Aug 22 02:35:21 MST 2013

On Mon, 19 Aug 2013, Chris Burrell wrote:

> Hi
> Tyndale House (Cambridge) have devised an automatic way of transliterating both Greek and
> Hebrew with syllable markers in the Hebrew. STEP uses this as part of searches and auto
> completes as well as interlinears. The scheme is still in beta and being refined but shout if
> you want the code and I can point you to it. Or shout if you want examples.

 	Nice!  Not at the moment, but I may ask someday.

> I also have a mapping of all the strongs and all possible forms found in the Hebrew and Greek
> texts. That was based on existing Sword modules.

 	That sounds pretty cool too.

> Tyndale have created a lexicon with lexical forms attached to every strong number based on
> LSJ and BDB and some others. Actually the number of fields we have is a lot more than the
> ones you suggest. Couple of samples attached. (Transliterations aren't in the files as we
> generate those as we index the data. )
> leu me know of yow interested.

 	It looks very interesting.  My question is, does SWORD cope with all 
of these fields?  Can words be looked up by each of them?  It seems to me that 
SWORD can cope with only one of the fields being the key, and the others can't 
be.  I think it would be useful, for example, to have dictionaries with 
multiple keys, so that items can be looked up by lexical item or Strongs 
Number.  It might also mean that it would be possible to have fields with and 
without breathings, accents, and the like, which could be useful for searching 

 	It might also be useful to be able to index words on non-unique 
fields.  For example, if there were a "root" field, there might be multiple 
words derived from the same root, and someone might want to do a search for 
all of them.

 	Does anyone know whether these kinds of things are possible?


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