[sword-devel] Lexical fields

Timothy S. Nelson wayland at wayland.id.au
Sun Aug 18 03:27:21 MST 2013

 	Has anyone suggested the following fields in conf files for 


 	My idea is that the "Fields" entry would consist of a 
comma-separated list of fields in the lexicon, and that the "LexLang" item 
would indicate the language of the LexForm field.

 	The list of fields was derived simply by looking at entry 5624 in the 
StrongsRealGreek dictionary; the "Strongs" entry indicates the Strongs number 
(5624), the LexForm entry would indicate the lexical form (ὠφέλιμος), the 
Pronunciation entry would contain the pronunciation data which appears, the 
"Etymology" entry would contain "from a form of 3786", and the Definition
field would contain the definition.

 	All of this would, if I understand correctly, replace the GreekDef and 
HebrewDef options.  The advantage of doing it this way is that indicies could 
be generated on multiple fields, so that a text that links to strongs numbers 
could do so, but a text that instead has morphological tagging linking to 
lexical forms could also do that.  It would also be possible for people to 
look up words in their lexica using either the word, or the strongs number.

 	Has anything like this been considered?


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