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Mon Aug 12 02:42:16 MST 2013

On 08/12/2013 10:46 AM, Jaak Ristioja wrote:
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> On 12.08.2013 10:34, Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
>> OK, I've put together a scheme which moves the new version macros
>> into our swversion.h file.  The new scheme goes out to 4 segments
>> as we support in the SWVersion class.  Here are the defines.
>> Please add your comments and ask question, but I hope these will be
>> self-explanitory. My only concert about SWORD_VERSION_NUM is the
>> possible size we might get to if we ever get to 5.0.  Don't know
>> how compilers handle macro checking on values over 4GB.
>> #define SWORD_VERSION_NUM 106902000
> In C++03 preprocessing (translation phase 4) happens before things are
> converted into C++ tokens (phase 7). Hence this should cause no
> trouble during preprocessing. After that, if the literal without a
> suffix fits into an int, it is an int. If it fits into (long int) it
> is a long int. Otherwise the behavior is undefined. In case its type
> would be a 32-bit signed integer type, our maximum version would be
> 21.47.483.647.

I know this is a microsoft site, but I'm not sure we're safe from their 
comment: "The /constant-expression/ is an integer constant 
expression..."  But then in the same section mentions 'long'.



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