[sword-devel] nodejs sword module

Stephan info at tetzels.de
Sat Apr 27 06:04:56 MST 2013


since I have no success to build a working Javascript version of 
libsword with Emscripten, I started to write a nodejs module from 
scratch. It is currently in a pre-alpha state, but you can access the 
raw content of ztext modules.

There is no InstallMgr, but you can access your modules in $HOME/.sword 
(default) or any other path (you have to set the path before). I've only 
tested this under Ubuntu.

This project is actually a proof of concept and I don't know how much 
spare time I have to improve this. The long term goal is to bring this 
to the browser, but nodejs was an easier starting point for me.

You'll finde the sources here: https://github.com/zefanja/node-swordjs


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