[sword-devel] Sword support of indents and line breaks

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Sun Apr 14 11:38:16 MST 2013

On Sun, 2013-04-14 at 18:19 +0200, Matěj Cepl wrote: 
>  What 
> should be the SEMANTIC name of the suggested new element?

Please read my post and John's reply.

Most of the occasions where the element is in use it would be sufficient
for IBT's purposes to fix the whitespace output of the various filters
and enable language/locale/module dependent, possibly multi-character
demarcations of certain patterns like quotations and paragraphs or
alternatively (like Chris and DM have suggested) allow classing and
enable CSS or some such for such places.

Some, a few, likely very few fall quite rightly under the existing
<milestone/> element, which is there to encode the arbitrary, marginal,

There is no unified semantics of the element and it is not helpful to
posture and demand semantics - but it is an important language related
marker for a variety of things - essentially saying something starts
here - like " in English speech.


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