[sword-devel] Interverse Material (was: SWORD v1.7 status ?)

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sun Sep 30 10:43:05 MST 2012

OK,  The simple inter-verse material case I was looking to test first 
was not present in our osisReference.xml sample in the testsuite.

This case is where we have a interverse material between two consecutive 
verse within a chapter (not just before verse 1, because pre-verse-1 is 
complicated by the fact that we store chapter/book/testament/module 
intro material in a different place than interverse material).

We had a good chunk of interverse material at Mark 1:14 in the 
osisReference.xml snippet, but Mark material started at verse 14. So, 
I've added a simple Mark 1.13 so the interverse material is simply 
between verse 13 and verse 14.

I've updated the osistest.cpp file to output information for verse 14.

It seems really strange.

I'll look at it more closely, but it seems something odd is happening in 
osis2mod.  The preverse material before Mark 1:14 is getting a 
sID="gen22".  Not sure that affects our filters much, as long as the 
start and end are consistent.  Anyway, can people have a look and see if 
you can spot anything odd, and also let me know if this is an valid, and 
exemplary interverse snippet for us to use as our use case to work 
toward supporting?



and to try,
cd sword/tests/testsuite
./runtest.sh osis
cd osis
../../osistest OSISReference

Thanks for any help in getting this going,


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