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Further to Max, the wiki refers to a bastardized version, largely copyrighted and mostly ripped off, but otherwise coarsely changed and ubiquitous on the internet, copied from here to there with a huge sedimental accretion of copying artifacts. 

For many years it was the only Portuguese bible on the net.

The version you work on is the response to that, several years in the making, a thoroughly checked public domain text

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That message on the wiki is about the version "Atualizada" which is
copyrighted by Sociedade Bíblica do Brasil (SBB) (Brazilian Bible Society).

The one you worked on is a different version. The "Revista e Corrigida" of
1911. That text is from a reprint in 1911 of an edition of 1900. The
publisher is a "Depósito das Sagradas Escripturas" (Holly Scriptures
Depository) in Lisbon, Portugal. (Most likely it doesn't exists anymore and
for a long time.)

I'm not a lawyer, but one thing I know about law: It cannot be applied for
something that happened before the publication of that law. I don't know
about the Portuguese law but the Brazilian law on copyright was modified in
1912 (*), so the law valid for this text, published in 1911, is the previous
law. That would be the law number 496 of 1st of August of 1898 (Law Medeiros
Albuquerque). It gives the author rights for 50 years from the 1st of
January following the publication (that would be January, 1st, 1912). The
text must be registered in the Biblioteca Nacional (National Library) in two
years or it becomes Public Domain. Even if it was registered in the
Biblioteca Nacional the copyright spired in January, 1st of 1962. It is
Public Domain since then.

(*) The modification by the law 2.577 of January, 17th of 1912 didn't
changed the 50 years time for copyright. But it doesn't matter because is
came after the fact (the publication of the text in 1911).


obs. I want to remind you that the orthography is out dated. 50% of the
words are spelled differently now.

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