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Simple answer: No.

Longer answer: Chapter and verse numbers are a late invention. They are not canonical.

Different versifications split books at different chapter boundaries, e.g. Malachi in some traditions has 5 chapters.

Regarding verses: Some examples:
The canonical material that precedes some psalms is numbered verse 1 and the material that follows is numbered from there. So, what is known in the KJV as verse 1 is verse 2.
Some verses are split. E.g. 3 John 15 in the NASB is the last part of 3 John 14 in the KJV.
Some verses that are of dubious canonicity are left out of some translations, e.g. From memory, the ESV has verse content that is just a footnote.
Some verses that are of dubious canonicity are left in some translations, e.g. end of Mark.

Regarding books, in the Old Testament many books are divided on scroll length boundaries. So the division there somewhat arbitrary, though fixed. (So next time you can think of 1 Kings as the first scroll of Kings.)

This problem is well known, not solved yet in SWORD, but work is progressing.

Note, if a person were to have paper copies of the Bible that they were comparing, they'd have the same parallel display problem.

If two Bibles have the same versification, then each OSIS ID should refer to the same content. However, this might not be true. If the wrong v11n is used to build the module, perhaps there is no right v11n at the time, then extra verses are appended to the last verse without any additional markup.

If the KJV versification is used where the canonical heading of psalms is numbered as verse 1, then every verse in that module would be off-by-one and the last verse in the chapter for that module would have appended content.

I wouldn't worry about it. Just display it as if they were paper copies, lining up Psalm 3:3 regardless of versification. Let the user figure it out on their own. At least until SWORD and JSword have a map.

Hope this helps,

On Sep 6, 2012, at 1:14 PM, Chris Burrell <chris at burrell.me.uk> wrote:

> Hi all
> A quick question. Are OSIS IDs unique across modules? I.e. if we are trying to match up verses in a chapter for comparison purposes, can we assume that the OSIS ID in each module (regardless of the language) is the same, so Gen.1.1 would be Gen.1.1 regardless of the language of the Greek/Hebrew/Farsi/etc. texts.
> I know that books may not all contain the same verses, and may be of different versifications as well, but in the case of the same versification...
> Chris
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