[sword-devel] OSIS is ready (97% sure)

luke luke at motimail.com
Sun Sep 23 20:16:21 MST 2012

My language project is very close to being ready to electronically publish our scripture through sword.  I have created an osis file which validates and has no untransformed USFM markers.  I have ran the fixtitle script over the osis file.  I have a .conf file and a locale file ready.

I have created modules using two versions of osis2mod (using Windows versions available here: http://www.crosswire.org/ftpmirror/pub/sword/utils/win32/) and checked them in the various frontends.
These are the two versions I used: sword-utilities-1.6.2-r2673.zip and sword-utilities-1.6.1-r2578.zip.

These are the problems I have ran into:
If I use the most current version (1.6.2-r2673)
My headings do not show up at all in Xiphos.  This is true whether I use the fixtitle script on the osis or not.  Also in Xiphos and in Pocketsword there is a double line break between paragraphs.

If I use the previous version (1.6.1-r2578)
My headings now display fine in Xiphos.  However, in Xiphos, Pocketsword, and AndBible the first verse number of new paragraphs is displayed on a line of its own.  The text of the verse then follows on the next line.

These visual hiccups don't look good in the eyes of our project manager who will give the final go signal on publishing.  (Bible translators tend to be perfectionists, which I am thankful for).  Is there something that I can do on my end with my current osis file in order to fix these issues?  Should I submit the OSIS files now and see if the crosswire team's created module might fix these problems (there is a high chance that the linux version of osis2mod is working better than the windows)?  It is also possible that these are all bugs that I need to register with the various frontends.

Please advise.

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