[sword-devel] Insidious mismatched tag errors: recommendations

Andrew Thule thulester at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 07:11:15 MST 2012

One of my least favour things is finding mismatched tags in OSIS.xml
files (and solving other related xmllint/osis2mod errors); because I
don't currently have an efficient way of doing it.
My methodology is nearly all the command line.  I have very little
reliance on gui based tools.  I edit in vi, tinker with formating with
awk/sed, etc. old school mostly.

I also confess defect of having an imperfect ability to understand
xmllint/osis2mod error codes.  My dragon is parse errors (premature
end of data, opening/closing tag mismatch etc).

I'm not adverse to using non-command-line tools (gui).

Has anyone successfully climbed this summit?  Could you share your
wisdom?  What's the best way to deal with formatting issues?


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