[sword-devel] Locale differences

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Wed Sep 12 03:10:40 MST 2012

> Von: Jonathan Morgan <jonmmorgan at gmail.com>
> So long as you don't have references which parse as different books in
> different locales, it should be relatively innocuous to try a locale 

I am positive we have already clashes. Basically the engine will take heavily shortened abbreviations - down to one single letter, if necessary and will parse these. As long as the user knows this, the worse he can get is "errors" (i.e. a different reference than expected) around stuff like Jude, Judges and Judith - all these are within the same locale and easily avoided once noticed

As soon as multiple locales are used (beyond the users immediate choice and knowledge) such errors will compound and become unpredictable (not non-deterministic, because they are determined by the sequence of locales checked) to the user who will be left dumbfounded that his attempts to go to Hesekiel ends up routinely in, say, Psalms. 

This will certainly already apply when people use single letters as abbreviations, but it might also cause grief in valid real + longer abbreviations. 

So, Jsword's use of English as default first is simply wrong, unless the user has a way of undoing that.


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