[sword-devel] Windows 8 Mobile and the new Nokia handsets

Костя и Алёна Маслюк kalemas at mail.ru
Sat Sep 8 12:37:13 MST 2012

After be released, BibleTime Mini should be primarily ported on Symbian.  
Symbian Anna and Belle (inc Nokia 701) will be supported, not sure for  
prior devices, because them seems to not support Qt 4.7, which is used for  
development. Of course, if there will be maintainer or device, porting  
would be accelerated.

Regarding WP8, as soon as this platform will support Qt, BibleTime Mini  
will be ported on this platform. It seems to be possible.

Konstantin Maslyuk, BibleTime Mini developer.

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> Related question:
> Since Bibletime is built on QT, can Bibletime Mini be readilypackaged
> for the latest Symbian touch phones?  I have a Nokia 701 and would
> love to have sword available on it.
> Brian.
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> Subject:[sword-devel] Windows 8 Mobile and the new Nokia handsets
>  Just curious....
>  Does anyone on the mailing list intend to try out the
>  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-19491421 Lumia 920 ?
>  Does anything need to be done to enhance
>  http://sourceforge.net/projects/bibletimemini/ Bibletime Mini to take
>  advantage of either Windows 8 Mobile or the built in features of the
> new
>  Nokia handsets?
>  David
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