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Mon Nov 12 12:59:54 MST 2012

ask it) after application of a variety of arbitrary (or user chosen) filter=
s which add or remove notes, add or remove strongs, add or remove Greek acc=
ents, Hebrew vowels and other stuff, add or remove xrefs, transliterate, ad=
d ruby notation (for Japanese modules) etc etc. And etc.<br>

You would get for free all the logic to deal with different canons and vers=
ification systems. You would get for free any future improvements to our en=
gine. You get indexed search with quite interesting ways of looking at the =
text built in.<br>

For all these things you would in essence only need to construct a GUI and =
interface, while in your current sqlite backend you either do not have them=
 or you need to re-invent them.<br>
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