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Mon Nov 12 12:59:54 MST 2012

btw, PS is on BitBucket cause I ditched the SVN that PS was initially placed into once I took over the project. So it's Mercurial, but I'm not religious about my choice...  :P
And I love the additional web tools that you can access via BitBucket/GitHub/those things...
And would hopefully make things more discoverable for would-be developers?

Most of the other comments that have been made in this email thread don't affect PS, due to the particular nature of iOS apps (for example, I get to release my own "custom" versions of libsword, basically the latest version on SVN with any fixes that are found there, including all the latest av11n headers!), but I can hear the pain that has been expressed and am praying for resolution...  :)

Thanks, ybic
	nic...  :)

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