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DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Tue Nov 27 05:03:03 MST 2012

I presume the problem is w JSword. Yes the index will be incomplete. So will viewing the module. 

Please open a Jira issue for it. 

In His Service,

On Nov 27, 2012, at 3:13 AM, Chris Burrell <chris at burrell.me.uk> wrote:

> Hi all
> It seems some modules are incorrectly generated. I'm getting the following warnings when I perform indexing. Is this a JSword issue? I believe it's an issue with the module itself.  I believe there are currently 3 separate issues:
> Indexing [GerGruenewald] 
> org.crosswire.jsword.book.sword.SwordUtil(WARNING): Attempt to read beyond end. offset=241140 size=10 but raf.length=241140
>  Indexing [Murdock]
> org.crosswire.jsword.book.sword.SwordUtil(WARNING): Matthew 12:32 has bad character 0xf at position 157 in input.
> Indexing [ChiUn]
> org.crosswire.jsword.index.lucene.analysis.StrongsNumberFilter(WARNING): Not a valid Strong's Number "H0000"Reason:Value out of range. Value:"101961" Radix:10
> Can anyone point out what the problem might be on the first one?
> What is the impact of all of these errors? Presumably broken or incomplete indexes?
> How would we go about fixing the modules?
> The modules impacted are:
> ArmEastern
> Chamorro
> ChiUn
> Cro
> CzeB21
> CzeCEP
> Est
> GerAlbrecht
> GerGruenewald 
> GerTafel
> GerTextbibel
> SweKarlXII
> Vulgate_HebPs
> Wulfila 
> Icelandic
> Mal1865
> ManxGaelic
> Murdock
> Wycliffe
> I have a full list of all the warnings I got when indexing most of the modules held in the Crosswire repositories if that's of interest to anyone.  (think the message would bounce due to size if I posted here).
> Chris
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