[sword-devel] Search bug & New Arabic Bible, Not Shaped SVD Version

pola ashraf 5001 at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 24 09:40:37 MST 2012

Sorry for posting a lot these days :)
I just do many searches, readings and experiments on CrossWire Programs and modules .

I found that i can't search in the SVD bible since all words are shaped while i write not shaped search words
For example searching for "يسوع" is not equal "يَسُوعَ"
يَسُوعَ = يسوع = Jesus

Regular users search with normal not shaped words but they will never get results 

This problem exist in many bible softwares and non-crosswire softwares
Problem found in Xiphos and Bible Time
And Bible ignore shaping and search normally 

The permanent solution is to make search indexes ignore all Arabic shapes
The simple and fast solution is to make another not shaped SVD Version

Currently I think in using Mod2Osis to extract the OSIS source text then use Any program that can Remove all Arabic shapes then Package it again using OSIS2Mod

Any suggestion for programs that can remove the shaping are welcomed .
Also any volunteer to do the whole job will be a hero :)

I've found this XML text, but don't know its origin is it SVD or other translation I don't know, So i prefer using the above method to convert the SVD 

BTW: I was able to convert one of e-sword bibles to be a sword module (its a not shaped version of SVD) just trying to search for a more accurate source as i don't know the origin of this module, I use it for years but not sure about its accuracy, Also i hope to include the Deuterocanonical Texts too 

Will send any new ideas or files in my replies
Best Regards,
Pola Ashraf
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