[sword-devel] cmake python

Ben cricketc at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 20:27:18 MST 2012


A couple thoughts related to building python bindings with cmake:

1. <build dir>/bindings/swig/python/setup.py has the following line:
#!/usr/bin/python python
Looks like that should just be /usr/bin/python, or /usr/bin/env python?

2. It'd be nice to be able to install the python module to some 
non-standard location, so as to not require root access or conflict with 
system packages.
<source dir>/bindings/swig/python/install.cmake - I added --user to the 
python setup.py install command, and that installed it just to my user 
directory. That doesn't require root access, although it still might 
conflict some with a system package. Another option might be to just 
install the python bindings to the same custom prefix as the sword 
library? Not sure what the best way is to implement this option.


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