[sword-devel] DSS (Biblical Dead Sea Scrolls based upon DJD translations)

Andrew Thule thulester at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 22:04:59 MST 2012


Thanks, but the purpose of sharing this module was to improve it, not to
contribute to Crosswire.

With respect to abiding by your values - I believe I do.  I live to honour
Christ in all that I do.  I abide by the law, and I seek His Glory.  If
these are the values that you are referencing, I agree.

On the other hand, if by values you imply I must accept 'scholarship is
cultural work and subject to restrictive access' (even though that is no
where in the law), or that facts may be 'owned' I admit - I don't abide by
that value (because it is unlawful).

At the end of the day, if scholarship (meaning the source which is being
re-used) is exempt from restrictive copyright as fair use, as I claim, and
I have re-used existing scholarship and correctly credited the scholars
then I have done nothing wrong.

But even if scholarship were copyrighted, derivative work is permitted
under certain conditions, and I have met those conditions.  Even if I am
the only one defending this (truth is not the product of a vote) I have
done nothing wrong.  I have employed fair use, and obeyed the conditions
necessary for derivative work.

Acknowledging that I seek to honour Christ in ALL that I do, and having
defended my legal actions by producing a biblical DSS module, offering it
to this list for improvement I am proceeding from faith [Rom 14:23].  If
you still feel the need to send me to the lepers, or stone me, this list
and the community it serves is under your authority, do as you see fit.
All authority is ordained in heaven and only I stand before my master for
my actions [Rom 14:10]

That said:
Each should be fully convinced in their own mind [Rom 14:5]
Do according to your spirit [Rom 8:14][Rom 14:23]

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