[sword-devel] Translations that that use 'you' for both singular and plural second person pronouns?

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Wed May 2 08:27:48 MST 2012

I was under the impression that * in the NASB marked tense changes. There is a markup tag for 'literal' translation method markup. These Bibles usually include something like italic for added text and * for tense changes. The OSIS tag is transChange. If there is no change, but simply disambiguation because of the English ambiguity, I would think a morph tag denoting plural would be enough. If the publisher insist on an * denoting these, then I would put an * in the text and tag the * as something like <seg type="x-publisherReqRend">*</seg>
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David Haslam <dfhmch at googlemail.com> wrote:

There are several modern English translations that use 'you' for both
singular and plural second person pronouns. 

The printed edition of the NASB springs to mind. The plural forms are all
marked with an asterisk.

Curiously enough, the word 'plural' is nowhere to be found in the OSIS
reference manual.

Perhaps this would imply that should anyone wish to make a module in which
the plural forms can be identified, then we'd need to use an attribute value
extension - one prefixed with "x-".

For example, the original OSIS XML file for the WEB translation (this was
not used for making the WEB module) did include such a method, i.e. by the
following markup.

you<w type="x-plural" />

Singular forms of 'you' were without the markup. 

btw. The WEB translation is not one with detailed morphology markup other
than this. (i.e. No Strongs, etc)

Perhaps it would be a useful concept to take up further in the SWORD engine,
such that the plural forms could be toggled by GlobalOptionFilter=OSISMorph

As each such translation might require a different visible marker to
identify the plural form, then the syntax would need to include a marker

David Haslam

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