[sword-devel] Improvements to osis2mod to handle XML comments and <header> correctly

John Zaitseff J.Zaitseff at zap.org.au
Wed Mar 21 08:43:55 MST 2012

Dear SWORD developers,

I wrote to this list about two years ago (4th February, 2010, to be precise) 
with a couple of suggestions and a patch for the SWORD library.

Unfortunately, the patch I suggested was not applied (an oversight, I'm 
sure), and I've been way too busy with other things to chase it up... until 

I wrote:

> Firstly, thanks for developing the SWORD library!  I have been using
> this library, in conjunction with the BibleTime front-end, for many
> years.
> I have recently started to develop some OSIS documents of my own.
> In doing so, I found that the XML parser in osis2mod is somewhat
> fragile---something that you are, no doubt, aware of.
> In particular, osis2mod does not handle XML comments at all, nor
> does it correctly parse the <header> element.  Being able to handle
> XML comments is, I think, quite important---I like to document the
> SVN revision ID, for example, in an XML comment.
> Furthermore, the osis2mod XML parser looks for the first <div> in
> the document, no matter where that occurs.  In particular, if the
> OSIS document includes a <revisionDesc> tag in the header, it will
> have <p> tags as well---which will be translated by transformBSP()
> into <div> tags---and get used as the starting point for the
> document!
> For this reason, I have generated a quick patch that will solve
> these particular problems.  Could you please apply it to the SVN
> head for utilities/osis2mod.cpp.  Comments are handled similar to
> spaces: they are skipped.  And handleToken() now looks for the first
> <div> after the </revision> end tag.

DM Smith replied with:

> Sorry for the late reply. This patch looks good and we'll commit it
> shortly.

I am attaching the patch to this e-mail, as I find that the problem still 
exists in the library.  Could you please apply it?  Thanks!

Yours in Christ,

John Zaitseff

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