[sword-devel] OSIS example

Daniel Owens dhowens at pmbx.net
Sun Mar 4 17:21:53 MST 2012

On 03/04/2012 06:09 PM, Karl Kleinpaste wrote:
> Daniel Owens<dhowens at pmbx.net>  writes:
> Ummmm... In a fit of freakishness I had not anticipated at all, I just 
> discovered 2 minutes ago that Xiphos has never offered variant support 
> for OSIS at all; the conditional to find variants looked only for 
> ThML. This has apparently been an oversight since The Dawn Of 
> Net.Time. I've fixed it and am running the updated build, so now I can 
> select primary -vs- secondary again from Xiphos' context menu. But 
> doing so has no effect on the content, which looks...odd. See 
> screenshot from Tisch: 
> http://karl.kleinpaste.org/xiphos/tisch-osisvariants-luke.3.35.png The 
> secondary, which places a leading accent on Ραγαῦ, is displayed /along 
> with/ the primary, as though it was a sort of lemma. This is very 
> wrong, and is very specifically a filter problem.
I noticed this very verse after using mod2osis to see how the Tisch 
module handles variants, and it outputs as this:

<w lemma="strong:G4466 lemma.Strong:Ῥαγαῦ lemma.ANLEX:Ῥαγαύ 
variant.Qere:Ῥαγαῦ" morph="robinson:N-PRI">Ραγαῦ</w>

This is strange markup indeed, but I was not able to find any other kind 
of variant markup in that module. I may check the other modules you 


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