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Patrick Zimmermann patrick at zakweb.de
Sun Mar 4 12:18:52 MST 2012


this is great news. Thank you.

If the rendering produced by xiphos or bibletime is at least some sort of 
acceptable I'll change the module I'm developing at the moment to use the 
syntax. Mostly additions, removals and alternatives are affected.

Thanks again,

On Sunday, 4. March 2012 01:59:15 Daniel Owens wrote:
> Based on varied sources, including Patrick's helpful example OSIS Bible,
> I put together an example OSIS "Bible" that validates and is consistent
> with the wiki page on OSIS Bibles (
> http://www.crosswire.org/wiki/OSIS_Bibles). The text itself is mostly
> KJV text, with a little Hebrew to illustrate more than what the KJV can
> by itself. I chose to use the BSP structure because the KJV illustrates
> the BCV structure well already, and I have no idea idea how to deal with
> paragraphs and poetry in the BCV structure.
> You can find the example file and the following list of features at
> http://www.crosswire.org/wiki/OSIS_Bibles/BSPExample:
> - BookGroup and section titles, including parallel passages: <title>
> - Book introduction
> - List: <list>, <item>
> - Table: <table>, <row>, <cell>
> - Bold and italic text: <hi>
> - Strong's numbers, lemma, and morphology: <w>, @lemma, @morph
> - Notes, including study notes and cross-references: <note>, <reference>
> - Marked additions: <transChange>
> - Canonical title (Psalms): <title type="psalm" canonical="true">
> - Poetry markup: <lg>, <l>
> - Divine Name: <seg>, <divineName>
> - Variants: <seg type="x-variant" subType="x-1">
> - Abbreviations: <abbr>
> I compiled and tested the module, and I will send a separate email when
> I have a chance to record the results systematically. Suffice it to say,
> no one front-end supports all of the markup well, and some features
> (such as variants and tables) are conspicuously poorly supported. Since
> it is not a complete text of the KJV, some odd display issues should be
> ignored, but most front-ends displayed the "New Testament" title at the
> bottom of Psalm 3. It would be lovely if front-end developers would see
> how their front-end handles it (or doesn't). I can send a compiled
> module to those who are interested.
> Feedback is welcome. If I have missed something or used less-than-ideal
> markup, please let me know, and we can change it.
> Daniel
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