[sword-devel] CzeCSP ready for Beta testing (I hope)

Matěj Cepl mcepl at redhat.com
Thu Mar 1 06:37:12 MST 2012

On 1.3.2012 13:41, Martin Denham wrote:
> There is a Sword utility called emptyvss that lists empty/missing verses.

The problem with Genesis was really 'Ge' instead 'Gen', but still the 
same I tried emptyvss and found interesting results:

$ emptyvss CzeCSP
UTF8Transliterator: ICU: no resource index to load
UTF8Transliterator: ICU: status U_MISSING_RESOURCE_ERROR
II Kings 15:39
Nehemiah 7:73
Mark 11:26

None of these verses are even in the source XML files from which I 
generate OSIS file (in fact II Kings 15 and Nehemiah 7 have one verse 
less than the ones missing). Does anybody anything interesting about 
these verses? Is this the difference between v11n used for this Czech 
Bible and German v11n?


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