[sword-devel] CzeCSP ready for Beta testing (I hope)

Matěj Cepl mcepl at redhat.com
Thu Mar 1 01:35:41 MST 2012


I have (hopefully) finally got CzeCSP to the shape that it is ready for 
preliminary testing. All major bugs are IMHO eliminated (the only known 
are on 

Generated OSIS XML file is on 
http://mcepl.fedorapeople.org/tmp/bible.xml.zip, installation ZIP file 
is http://mcepl.fedorapeople.org/tmp/CzeCSP.zip

What should I do to get this to Crosswire Beta repository?

Also, I would love to have (for And Bible) version with no av11n, my 
version of osis2mod ($Rev: 2562 $) crashes when no v11n is selected. 
Could somebody generate it for me, please?

Updated git repository of scripts generating the OSIS file is still on 

Any comments, complaints, patches (:)) are more than welcome!



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