[sword-devel] Legitimate FTP Mirrors & Module Distribution Rights Question

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed Jul 25 13:04:58 MST 2012

On 07/25/2012 09:27 AM, Greg Hellings wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 25, 2012 at 11:10 AM, Andrew Thule <thulester at gmail.com> wrote:

>> Since Crosswire freely allows modules to be downloaded and governs the
>> use of these modules afterwards through the each modules' licensing
>> rights, is there something else that precludes their downstream
>> redistribution so long as the original license is honoured and
>> preserved?  (In other words, if the licenses is established by the
>> original module creator, or the license holder for the text, is
>> Crosswire able to impose additional restrictions on the use of the
>> text?  Should it (not)?)
> So long as the license requirements are fulfilled, there is nothing
> preventing redistribution. As I recall, the initial reaction to your
> announcement was not that you must take it down but that you must
> filter those modules which are licensed for only Crosswire's
> distribution. Any modules which are in the Public Domain or which have
> licenses that do not restrict their distribution to e.g. CrossWire
> only, you are free to mirror. However, you would have to manually
> create such a list by inspecting each module's license individually by
> hand.

Small comment re: manual work: You don't have to inspect the .confs 
manually. Just scan for content with one of the following 
DistributionLicense values (exactly), and you know that it is 
distributable by 3rd parties (at least in Sword format):

Public Domain
Copyrighted; Free non-commercial distribution
Copyrighted; Freely distributable
Copyrighted; Permission granted to distribute non-commercially in SWORD 
Creative Commons: by-nc-nd
Creative Commons: by-nc-sa
Creative Commons: by-nc
Creative Commons: by-nd
Creative Commons: by-sa
Creative Commons: by
Creative Commons: CC0

(Two of the possible values were removed from this set.)


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