[sword-devel] Question about use of note elements

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Fri Jul 20 13:42:53 MST 2012

Andrew Thule <thulester at gmail.com> writes:
> Xiphos (which I wish I could get working in OSX sometimes).  I run it
> in a VM from Linux (on OSX).

Find us someone willing to put in the work to produce a Mac package.
The build has been done before, but not in a manner representing a
complete, install-ready package.  We've been asking, but no one has been
willing to step up to take on the task.

Check footnote 4 here:

> I generally like OSIS because I'm most familiar with it.  As far as I
> can tell though it seems static.  I'm not that familiar with ThML.

ThML can be thought of as "HTML plus goodies," namely <note>,
<scripRef>, <sync>, and variants.  However, ThML is not considered the
proper, sufficiently modern method for module encoding today.  There are
a few sticks in the mud like myself who persist with it.

> Chris, the '%2B' is a bug then.  Is there a bug submission process for
> Xiphos I can poke?

If it were a Xiphos bug, from the menubar: Help -> Report Bug.

But I don't perceive this as a Xiphos bug.  I believe the engine filter
is where the mistake has occurred.  I don't understand why the '+'
character would be interpreted to its %2B hex equivalent.

Also, typically notes of this sort are labeled by letters or digits.  Is
there a reason why you're using non-alphanumerics?

> Having said that, with modules such as NETnotes it's awful - the notes
> dominate the bottom of the frame where the notes exceed the biblical
> content.  In that sense the Xiphos / Bibletime approach seem more
> pragmatic.

The longest footnotes in NET are at Ecc 1:1 and Song 5:4.  Having that
volume of text as a footnote is absurd to me.  That's why it's good that
the notes are a separate commentary-style module.

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