[sword-devel] Question about Module Names, conf files, OSIS.xml (and fonts)

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Fri Jul 20 12:24:36 MST 2012

On 07/20/2012 11:43 AM, Andrew Thule wrote:
> This isn't quit an OSIS question, but it is a Sword Module Question.
> I've been working on an Inuktitut Sword Module, and been having some
> font/rendering issues, most of which are now solved - but not all.
> The last and final 'font' issue seems to be related to how a module is
> represented in client software and where it seems to derive the
> information from that it uses (I'm talking about the .conf files).
> My ink.conf file is listed at bottom of email.
> Xiphos behavior:
> In the left pane in Xiphos I get:
> Biblical Texts -> 'UTF8 missing font filler' (for language name)  ->
> INK:Inuktitut Bible in Eastern Arctic Inuktitut
> So Xiphos seems to be taking [Module Name]:Description.  I assume the
> module name is coming from the .conf file though it could be coming
> from osisWork="INK" tag.

It comes from the module name. Sword discards the osisWork value.

> For language I'm not sure if it's reading Lang=iu from the conf file
> or xml:lang="iu" from the OSIS itself.  The 639-1 code for Inuktitut
> is 'iu' according to:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ISO_639-1_codes
> BibleTime
> In the left pane in BibleTIme I get:
> Bibles -> iu -> INK
> So Bibletime seems to be using either  xml:lang="iu" from the OSIS or
> Lang=iu from the .conf file and Module Name from either the osisWork=
> tag or the [ModuleName] in the conf file.  (I'm guessing the .conf
> file though I could actually test this)

The BCP 47 tag (iu) comes from the Lang=iu line in the .conf file. Sword 
also discards the xml:lang value. INK comes from the module name.

> Alkitab
> In the left pane in Alkitab I get:
> Biblical Texts -> Inuktitut -> INK - Inuktitut Bible in Eastern Arctic Inuktitut
> So Alkitab seems to behave similar to Xiphos, excepts gets the English
> representation of the language rather than 'UTF8 missing font filler'

So Inuktitut is in Alkitab's database, where it was missing from Xiphos' 
(or there was some other problem there).

> Is use of Sword .conf files outline anywhere for developers, besides:
> http://www.crosswire.org/wiki/DevTools:conf_Files

No, just there. Is there something lacking?

> I would specifically like to fix the Xiphos font rendering problem for
> the module language name, but more generally would like to better
> understand where the .conf influences the client verses where the OSIS
> tags do.

OSIS doesn't directly affect anything, but it's expected that the module 
maker will copy the values from the OSIS doc to the .conf file.

Some errors in your .conf file:

> DistributionLicense=Copyrighted (c)Canadian Bible Society 2012;
> permission must be obtained from the copyright holder.

The above line is invalid. There are other attributes that can contain 
copyright holder data. Exactly the following DistributionLicense values 
are permitted:

Public Domain
Copyrighted; Permission to distribute granted to CrossWire
Copyrighted; Free non-commercial distribution
Copyrighted; Freely distributable
Copyrighted; Permission granted to distribute non-commercially in SWORD 
Creative Commons: by-nc-nd
Creative Commons: by-nc-sa
Creative Commons: by-nc
Creative Commons: by-nd
Creative Commons: by-sa
Creative Commons: by
Creative Commons: CC0

> LCSH=defaultReferenceScheme.English

The above line is incorrect. Use:

LCSH=Bible. Inuktitut.

or, if only a New Testament is included:

LCSH=Bible. N.T. Inuktitut.


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