[sword-devel] More questions regarding osis/module making woes

Luke & Ruth S. luke at motimail.com
Mon Jul 16 04:50:42 MST 2012

I've seen it mentioned on the wiki that jsword does not read the 
x-preverse correctly so that it places a number before the heading. Is 
there anyway to make that show up correctly in jsword? Why does ESV get 
it correctly? My guess is that ESV might be imported from thtml and not 
osis? Also I registered a bug with xiphos over a year ago that the 
headings at beginning of chapters don't show. I missed the e-mail where 
the developer asked for a copy of my osis and module and so the bug is 
now closed. The developer said he couldn't reproduce the problem. Has 
anyone else experienced this problem with xiphos? I find it strange that 
enabling or disabling header within xiphos doesn't actually have any 
affect on my headers. They appear to be hard-coded into the text. My 
boss is looking for perfection on this publishing and I am no where 
close to being able to deliver. Any help you can provide would be 
greatly appreciated. I will include a small portion of my osis from the 
beginning of a chapter. The osis was originally exported from Bibledit 
and now I'm making manual edits to tweak things in order for it to work. 
It does validate, but Peter showed me that there were still some funky 
things in it. Anyway, here goes:

<verse sID="Matt.15.39" osisID="Matt.15.39"/>
Jari pinapole' saga a'a inān e' si Isa. Pariyata' iya ni bayanan bo' 
yampa pauntas ni lahat Magadan. <verse eID="Matt.15.39"/>
<chapter eID="Matt.15"/>
<chapter sID="Matt.16" osisID="Matt.16" n="16"/>
<div type="section">
<title>Saga Parisi Mikipa'nda' Paltanda'an</title>
<p>(Markus 8:11-13, Lukas 12:54-56) </p>
<verse sID="Matt.16.1" osisID="Matt.16.1"/>
Manjari aniya' saga Parisi maka saga Saddusi bay pina'an ni si Isa. 
Bilahi sigām anulayan iya bo' supaya iya tajallat ma bissalana. Angkanna 
sigām mikipa'nda' paltanda'an, palsaksi'an in iya b'nnal taga-kapatut 
min Tuhan. <verse eID="Matt.16.1"/>
<verse sID="Matt.16.2" osisID="Matt.16.2"/>

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