[sword-devel] DTX to OSIS/SwordModule Converter (mostly for Japanese)

Kunio Nakamaru kunio at 4j4u.net
Mon Jan 30 09:24:08 MST 2012

Hi all

Last year in May, I developed a little GUI converter program to convert
DTX format to OSIS and then to SwordModule
, which has been placed on the public domain. I made it for OpenLP first
in OSIS format but it's good for PocketSword (and probably other
SwordProject Apps) after running OSIS2MOD so here you are:

http://openlp.4j4u.net/jbible2osis/ (in Japanese)
Direct download link:
<http://openlp.4j4u.net/jbible2osis_download/setup.exe>(requires windows
xp or above)

DTX is probably a local format used only in Japanese Bible study
softwares like "JBible" and "Seino no Tatujin".
It's a very simple format with each line of "bbcccvvv \t CONTENT"
(bb as book id, ccc as chapter, vvv as verse no. ex. 01001001 as Genesis

So far, it works for the following translations:
- Shinkaiyaku (New Revised Japanese?) 4th edition
- Kougoyaku (Colloquial Japanese) 4th edition

It probably works for other editions too but never tested due to lack of
For Shin kyodoyaku, I couldn't get it work b/c it's too inconsistent
with verse orders.

I would love to work on more Japanese translations which are available
in DTX if you have them on you to test on your own and tell me the
problems if occurs.

I also checked their terms of conditions for usage of the data in their
softwares, and found it's ok to convert the data for personal use. (as
long as they buy their softwares)

First I thought it was too local to be mentioned here first but it might
be better to be annnounced here for its existence.

Blessings to all.

Kunio Nakamaru
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