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Thu Dec 13 21:01:16 MST 2012

 Hi Greg,

On Fri, Dec 14, 2012 at 2:15 PM, Greg Hellings <greg.hellings at gmail.com>wrote:

> ...
> As to the matter of breaking front-ends, library upgrades are going to
> do that anyway. The current development head of BibleTime does not
> even compile against the current development head of SWORD because the
> API has changed - so we have to maintain a compatibility branch that
> includes changes which are going to be in the next release of SWORD
> (*whenever that might be). If this behavior changes, it will be
> another thing that we have to keep abreast of and update. I don't
> think that changing the behavior of the library and documenting that
> output has changed from <!P> to <!--p--> will be such a hardship on
> applications, especially if it puts us in line with our documentation.
> So it really comes down to: what do we claim to produce, and does our
> library produce it? If not, then this is a bug that needs to be
> addressed by changing the library or changing our claims.
> I don't mind the idea of it changing, it's just I don't think this is an
important enough change (or perhaps not the right change).
The fact that <!P> is there suggests that it is meant to mean something, so
frontends really should be processing it, rather than hiding it as a
In BPBible we just change that to </p><p> I believe.
    data.replace("<!P>", "</p><p>")

I'd prefer to only have one thing to look for than two, though it wouldn't
be tragic to change it to accept both.

Look back at the conversations on ' div type="paragraph" ' from September.
Troy said he was happy to remove <!P> if Xiphos didn't use it. Someone
needs to work out why it's in there, and whether it is really needed, then
probably adapt the filters to remove it altogether if possible (possibly
replacing it with something else).

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