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I've been looking for a good solution and here's the best things I've found that don't require any paid licenses. Basically there are 3 options and they all have holes or a steep learning curve: 1. OSIS>USFM>SIL Fieldworks/Pathways, 2. Multiple Open Office plugins, 3. OSIS>xxx?>KindleGen>Calibre.

1. SIL Fieldworks/Pathways

The closest thing I know of is the Fieldwork's publishing module Pathways, which does a decent job of implementing a basic Epub for Bibles. (It does footnotes and Chapter links well, but the chapter links are only one way.   that is, The book title and chapter titles need manual modification for the backlinks back to the Table of Contents.)   However, Pathways requires USFM encoded texts, and I'm unaware of a good OSIS2USFM converter. (Is there such a thing?)


(NOTE: Pathway likely will require a functioning installation of either SIL Fieldworks  or UBS Paratext. Fieldworks is free for download. 

2. Open Office Plugins for both Input and output. 

I've read about an Open Office plugin for OSIS. However, as of (June?), it required an antiquated version of OOO. If that could be made to function, there are multiple Epub Open Office plugins that will function, but aren't designed for multilevel navigation that scripture needs.

(This isn't exactly the link I tried, but looks pretty close to it.)

3. OSIS>XXX>KindleGen>Calibre

You might also look into KindleGen, which can produce Calibre friendly output from a linux/mac/windows command line even if your target device is not kindle. It doesn't accept OSIS as input, but it has a wide range of formats it does accept. I've struggled to make it do 2 level linking that epub Bibles need, but I'm dedicated to print projects, and epubs are just part time. 


For a touch enabled e-reader with no keyboard, (kindle touch, nook simple touch) or above, The Bible's Table of Contents (TOC) should only contain links to the start of each book. The Title of the book should be a link back to the TOC. Between the title of each book and the start of chapter 1, a list of chapters that link to each chapter should appear. Each chapter title should link back to the beginning of the book. That is the simplest way to make the Epub compatible with as many e-reader technologies as possible until epub v3 is implemented widespread. You can do a little more with kindle 8 and ibooks 7, but you have to be developing market specific and the files get huge. 

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Hi all,
is there a solution to convert a sword Bible into a readable epub file? Would be cool to have it my preferred Sword modules on my ebook reader.

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