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Thu Aug 23 14:36:42 MST 2012

resources neither in my own language nor English I think there is no
rationale to allow all installed languages being blindly searched for
possible parse results -. E.g. I would never want Takwane to interfere
into my search for passages.

But what I would can see good use that I can set a primary and a
secondary language for searches, one of which would  co-incide with the
application GUI.

E.g. if I prepare a sermon in Persian, I would like to be able to search
for passages in German and Persian. Or English and Persian.

But if I look up a Greek or Hebrew in the midst of preparing the sermon,
I would not even once consider using Hebrew or Greek.

And if I pulled out a couple of references for my sermon in Dari and
Azeri for an Afghani and an Azeri brother sitting in the congregation, I
would not want either use those languages.

So, something like 2 (or max 3) preferences for parsing languages would
be enough. This would satisfy also Greg's scenario of a Takwane user who
runs a programme in Portuguese, but wants to be able to use also Takwane

Wrt JSWORD's use of OSIS names as abbreviations - this appears really
odd to me. Insofar that these are valid English abbreviations it makes
some sense, but I think once I use Jsword entirely from a different
language, I really would not want English to interfere.


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