[sword-devel] Alternate Versification question

Костя и Алёна Маслюк kalemas at mail.ru
Sat Aug 18 13:52:13 MST 2012

Chris Little <chrislit �� crosswire.org> писал(а) в своём письме Mon, 13 Aug  
2012 21:48:38 +0400:

> The other type attempts to formalize a versification system  
> representative of numerous Bibles within a tradition. Examples of this  
> include the KJV(A), NRSV(A), Synodal, Catholic, & Catholic2. KJV(A) &  
> NRSV(A) happen to exactly match particular translations, but those  
> versification systems are in wide use beyond those translations. Synodal  
> and the two Catholics began with the versification systems of exemplar  
> translations and were then expanded to incorporate additional verses  
> from translations within the same tradition so that the system within  
> Sword could achieve maximal coverage of the verses within Bibles we  
> might encode.

Sorry, if we want correct transitions between versifications or even  
parallel display, we should not to follow this rule. Text should occupy as  
more verses in chapter as more versification chapter contains. Otherwise  
we got misalignment for example if one text merge two verses or omit verse.

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