[sword-devel] lemma systems

Daniel Owens dhowens at pmbx.net
Mon Apr 30 06:47:49 MST 2012

The related discussion about TEI markup and lexicon keys raises another 
issue: lemma systems.

Currently the only defined lemma system is "strong". It is easy to 
connect to, but we need to move beyond it. I have several questions: 1. 
Should we define new lemma systems? 2. How can we make such lemma 
systems interoperable, at least in a fuzzy way?

1. Should we define new lemma systems?

The MorphGNT based on the SBL GNT (I have a module created from James 
Tauber's Github repository last week) uses Greek lemma. The Westminster 
Hebrew Morphology uses its own lemma in Hebrew. Should we define new 
lemma systems such as: mgntlemma and whmlemma?

A practical issue arises with whmlemma: Aramaic and Hebrew use the same 
script. Currently lemma begin with @ for Hebrew and % for Aramaic. 
Should we retain those or go with H for Hebrew and A for Aramaic? 
Currently with Strongs there is no need for this difference because the 
numbers distinguish the language, but when natural language keys are 
used some system needs to be defined so that a lookup of a lemma in 
Daniel 3 take you to the Aramaic portion of the lexicon not the Hebrew one.

2. How can we make such lemma systems inter-operable, at least in a 
fuzzy way?

Some mechanism needs to be created to connect the many lemma systems to 
each other. It seems to me that Bible texts will follow one lemma scheme 
or another, but why not create a system in which various lemma systems 
can be connected? For example, H1 (strong) and @אָב (whmlemma) should be 
easy to connect. If you look up H1 from KJV in a dictionary keyed to 
whmlemma, it should take you to @אָב.

I have asked a number of questions. Modules currently in development 
necessitate this discussion. I would value input about the markup 
questions above under point 1, and it would be wonderful if we could 
discuss and someday resolve the technical question under point 2.


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