[sword-devel] Ubuntu 12.04 ....

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Tue Apr 24 01:57:34 MST 2012

On 24/04/12 01:26, Daniel Owens wrote:
>> Yes.  Thanks for all the help on this one.  I think it's led me to a 
>> weird bug in BibleTime though.  Please try this: In Bibletime, open 
>> the NET bible.  Hover over a footnote.  The footnote is properly 
>> displayed in the mag.  Now close BibleTime and re-open.  I my case, 
>> the notes are no longer displayed in the mag until NET is closed and 
>> re-opened.  Can anyone confirm this?
> I cannot confirm this in 2.9.1. It works as expected, but I am testing 
> only with the NETfree module. I really should buy the whole thing. It 
> is a great resource.
I get the identical problem on a second computer I've installed 
BibleTime on.  I'm testing the package from the Ubuntu 12.04 repo - this 
is 2.8.1.  I wonder if the problem might be because this build is 
presumably using libsword9?  It sounds as though the problem is specific 
to whatever is packaged for Ubuntu 12.04.  As I'm testing for Ubuntu, I 
am not really interested in something that will fix the problem for me 
personally as I believe others are going to see this problem when they 
install from the Ubuntu ppa.

God bless,        Barry.

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