[sword-devel] Kindle/Nook Format

jhphx jhphx at cox.net
Sat Apr 14 12:13:39 MST 2012

  Andrew Thule wrote:
> I've been playing with how Sword software deals with FTP repositories. 
> I don't know if I've broached rules in doing this but I did this for 
> two reasons.  I wanted to get test modules onto my iPad and used the 
> repository to do that for testing purposes.  I also wanted to provide 
> access to sword modules to a friend who lives in an environment where 
> 'crosswire' is filtered.  So I set up a Crosswire/NET/Xiphos/IBT 
> Mirror using the following details:

I wonder if there is some value in allowing some mirrors of this type. 
What it would take to allow it and if licenses would/could permit it in 
some situations? I understand the rush to say shut them down but this is 
something that perhaps some thought for the future should also be given. 
Perhaps a method to automatically clone to a mirror as much as permitted 
by license. For modules that have license problems could a "mirror" 
proxy those files so they still come from Crosswire but have the 
Crosswire IP hidden?

I feel like Andrew may have gotten a bit of an uncomfortable surprise by 
admitting his efforts. I don't know if there is a better way of giving 
notice before something like this happens and pointing out the best way 
to what can be done and allowed.

Andrew, thanks for the effort. Sorry it didn't come to a better response.


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