[sword-devel] Some questions about the WEB module

John Zaitseff J.Zaitseff at zap.org.au
Thu Apr 12 00:39:34 MST 2012

Hi, Matěj,

> > In any case, I'd much prefer a command-line tool that can be scripted
> > (ie, called from a Makefile, etc).  Perl or Python would be ideal for
> > the job.
> If you have your brain in the right place (it's a functional language) I
> had a success with XSLT with https://gitorious.org/sword/czekms-csp_bible/

Yes, I know.  However, I haven't learnt XSLT yet---not enough to write 
something in it, in any case---and I suspect Python with, say, the lxml 
library would be easier to write.  I'll have a look at your site, though, 
since I could be wrong :-)


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