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jhphx jhphx at cox.net
Tue Apr 10 07:33:50 MST 2012

On 4/10/2012 6:01 AM, Mike Hart wrote:
> I completely agree that for anyone on this list, getting any text onto 
> an e-reader is trivial. However,  99.9% of the world does not have 
> that knowledge, and getting homework, or Bible texts, onto a Kobo 
> e-ink slate is beyond their competence. Which is why, again, Crosswire 
> should be so much more than sword.  Things that are too easy to worry 
> about here are unknown or impossible for someone who knows 5 people 
> using a kindle e-ink device that speak Chinese, leaving for the 
> homeland in 2 weeks, and the discussion about Christ got to a point 
> they would consider transporting a ZH text back with them.

A lot of people can't use anything until it shows up in their start 
menu. Even if they could download a file they would not know where to 
find the directory with the file that was downloaded. I used to support 
texts for downloading that were in TXT and DOC formats. It was amazing 
how many people couldn't figure out what to do with them once they 
downloaded them. That was in the DOS days but I still deal with people 
that don't have a clue. There is only so much that can be done in this 

I like the idea of getting a program on the start menu which will lead 
them to the modules on their computers and on the net without them 
having to worry about what the web sites look like. Of course they still 
have to be able to get that program on the start menu. The job of 
presenting modules for downloading then goes to the front end 
developers. The alternative is to be something like CCEL.org. CCEL is a 
text library. To my knowledge Crosswire is not a text library. It is a 
software and software module library. A distinction that the end user 
should not have to be much concerned about, but that does not mean it 
works for people not using supported software or devices.


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