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Mike Hart just_mike_y at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 10 06:01:36 MST 2012

> CrossWire has never been involved in any palm apps. 


I used a handspring visor. I've seen related posts about this, and I'm always a little confused why people would seek to change history.  Did you mean Palm has never been supported by 'the sword project'?  Again, we're talking about big and little umbrellas.  

And this is exactly what my appeal is about.  Crosswire is BIGGER than sword. a module repository should look like a bookstore, with each available app listed under each version of text.  You want Croatian?  Great, we got you covered on J2ME, iphone, windows 8, linux, Kindle, Ford's Fuse(whatever they call their car OS thing,) etc.  Readers, Missionaries, don't want to chose a platform first then hope their chosen text is present.  They know what text they want and besides the #1 problem 'We don't have NIV', we should help them find what they're looking for. 


> TEI to LaTeX/PDF and EPUB (and accordingly MOBI, via Calibre) is trivial to do. Last semester I produced most of my course's readings in PDF, EPUB, & MOBI, from TEI P5 master documents so that students could use the reader of their choice. OSIS is /mostly/ just TEI, so you could either adjust the standard TEI XSLTs to take OSIS instead or convert the OSIS to TEI and use the stock TEI XSLTs themselves.


I completely agree that for anyone on this list, getting any text onto an e-reader is trivial. However,  99.9% of the world does not have that knowledge, and getting homework, or Bible texts, onto a Kobo e-ink slate is beyond their competence. Which is why, again, Crosswire should be so much more than sword.  Things that are too easy to worry about here are unknown or impossible for someone who knows 5 people using a kindle e-ink device that speak Chinese, leaving for the homeland in 2 weeks, and the discussion about Christ got to a point they would consider transporting a ZH text back with them.  
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