[sword-devel] Word of Jesus/Red Letter mark up

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Fri Apr 6 15:54:40 MST 2012


I have just committed a script in sword-tools which creates a xml formatted list of all direct speech (with associatated strongs) by Jesus in the NT. I also posted an example file produced from our KJV.

The script will work on all OSIS formatted files and can be useful for a bunch of tasks:

1) comparison between different texts - useful for debugging new WoJ marked up texts

2) it might exist in creating new (e.g. non-English) WoJ marked up modules, by both showing which verses need markup and maybe also allowing partial automatisation/

3) it might assist in creating automatised non-English strong encoded Bible texts, by cutting texts into smaller known chunks.

There is one explicit shortcoming of my script - I do not understand XPath namespaces and hence one needs to delete the xmlns attribute in a given OSIS file before it works. Improvements on this or any other matter are welcome.


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