[sword-devel] CrossWire wiki

DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Mon Sep 26 07:45:40 MST 2011

Lately we've had a bunch of bogus accounts created. In response, I have 
added the following:
1) Every account requires email verification before the user is allowed 
to edit a page.
2) The supplied email address checked:
   a) it is compared to known abusive patterns
   b) checked that it is valid email according to RFC 3696
   c) the domain is checked that it has a DNS entry.

Also, I have deleted accounts that I have deemed as bogus. And I have 
blocked accounts whose names I don't think is appropriate. At times I 
block and then delete, giving me a record of why the account was deleted.

I'm also deleting any accounts older than a month that are not do not 
have a validated email. I don't know if the hotmail.com, live.com, 
msn.com, ... problem has been resolved, so I am leaving those for now.

I'm planning to delete never used accounts that are at least a few 
months old. I'll probably do this several times a year.

Please let me know if this poses/causes any problems.


In Him,

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