[sword-devel] Difficult Greek question

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sat Sep 17 06:36:41 MST 2011

On 9/17/11 5:55 AM, Karl Kleinpaste wrote:
> Martin Denham<mjdenham at gmail.com>  writes:
>> The user has suggested another possible OCR error.  The error report makes
>> sense but the Sword Strongs module appears to contain the same as other
>> Strongs I have checked on the internet.  Here is the users's report:
>> 3532 Nikolaos nik-ol'-ah-os from 3534 and *2994*; victorious over the
>> people; Nicolaus, a heretic:--Nicolaus. see GREEK for 3534 see GREEK for
>> *2994*
>> *The reference 2994 should read 2992*
> OK, here's a fun conflict for us all.
> My print Strong's actually shows that 3532 refs 3534 and 2994.  So that
> module, as well as my StrongsRealGreek, are true to print Strong's.
> On the other hand, NAS Greek Lexicon shows refs 3534 and 2992.
> I have to suggest that real Strong's has an actual misprint error, and
> that NAS has corrected this.  2992 seems clearly correct here.
> What should be done with this?  Remain true to what originally appeared
> in Strong's or correct it per NAS?  Perhaps correct it with a notation
> of the original error?

I just checked two print editions of Strong's, from different dates & 
publishers. Both have the correct 2992, so I think it's safe to correct. 
It's at least reasonable to assume your print edition is from the same 
publisher as these texts' print source, though.

> I hardly know what to do with the difference in definitional commentary.
> Strong's:
>      "Nicolaus, a heretic"
> NAS:
>      "Nicolaus, a Christian, probably not connected with the sect
>      bearing the same name"

Seems reasonable to me. Being a heretic presupposes being a Christian. 
The only difference is that the NAS Lexicon takes the position that this 
Nicolaus was not connected with the Nicolaitans, whereas Strong takes 
the position that he was.


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