[sword-devel] Fwd: win ce 6

Костя и Алёна Маслюк kalemas at mail.ru
Thu Sep 8 11:37:02 MST 2011

I have done just rebuild of application, i didn't ported it. I would agree  
that it is nice application for Windows Mobile but it have no future  
because it is not abstracted from platform and have complicated framework  
that will be hard to port anywhere.

You may need something like WinCE CAB Manager to replace executables in  
current cab and upload it on site.

Blessings to you.

Barry Drake <bdrake �� crosswire.org> писал(а) в своём письме Thu, 08 Sep  
2011 20:41:04 +0400:

> On 08/09/11 14:06, Konstantin Maslyuk wrote:
>> I  have  sent  you  privately  version of SwordReader compiled against
>> Sword  1.6.2 with the fix and wm2003 support. Version from site really
>> didn't work for me.
> Thanks for that.  Have you ported the code to a free compiler suite?  I  
> still have a copy of Win XP on a spare drive that I can use in a  
> trayless caddy.  If I can build SwordReader, I'm willing to do a minimal  
> amount of maintenance to keep the project alive.  As I say, It's a good  
> little app and it would be sad to see it die for lack of a little bit of  
> attention.
> I got the binaries you sent and will archive them with my SwordReader  
> stuff.  AFAIK, I still have write access to the SourceForge SwordReader  
> site, so I could upload any new stuff there.
> God bless,        Barry.

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