[sword-devel] Open Hebrew Lexicon

Aaron Christianson ninjaaron at gmail.com
Mon Sep 5 23:14:03 MST 2011

Hey all,

I haven't disappeared, and I'm following the discussion with great 
interest, but I'm a bit out of my depth to be participating in it.  I'm 
'techie' enough to edit raw XML if I have to (though I don't relish the 
prospect), and if there are Linux tools other than WeSay for editing 
LIFT documents, all the better.  I've emailed David with some questions 
to help me get my bearings in the discussion (followed by a lot of 
whining about minute points of his schema).  Once you guys get some kind 
of conclusions ironed out with regard to the format, which is not my 
area, I'll be very happy to supply information, labor, and opinions 
(plenty of these) in the linguistic department, which is my area.


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