[sword-devel] Difficult Greek question

Martin Denham mjdenham at gmail.com
Mon Sep 5 04:15:04 MST 2011

This question came in via the And Bible help e-mail address but it is too
difficult for me to answer.  Can somebody help?
Here is the relevant part of the e-mail:

...I think I've found a mistake within Strong's Greek Dictionary itself,
which - I assume - must be in the original?  It is this:

Acts 1:13 mentions "Matthew", giving Strongs 03156 as "Matthaios, a shorter
form of 3164; Matthaeus (i.e. Matthitjah)..."

BUT, 3164 is "machomai, middle voice of an apparently primary verb; to
war...", whereas 03161 ("Mattathias") seems closest to "Matthaeus", and the
Hebrew origin it refers to (4993, "Matthitjah") is "Mattithyah".


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