[sword-devel] HTML Design

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Fri Sep 2 17:37:53 MST 2011

We are in desperate need of a nice HTML design for a few new components.
 I don't need to tell you again how horrible I am at aesthetics.  Please
consider saving the eyes and alleviating the frustrations of many an end
user by lending your creativity and talents to design something graceful
and attractive, if you feel excited to help.

These designs are all meant to be used as portlets in a portal
container, thus their layout needs to basically look good in a baseball
card sized window.

First,  we're looking for a way to input freehand verse lists, with a
visual indicator of the parsed results, and a [save] button.  To better
explain, my idea to implement this was something like (but please feel
free to ignore my idea if you have a better solution to accomplish the

[ John.1.1-5      ]
[x] John 1:1
[x] John 1:2
[x] John 1:3
[x] John 1.4
[x] John 1.5


Next, we need to dream up a way to allow a result set to be filtered by
any combination of about 8 criteria, and to fit this onto a small
toolbar.  Then under the toolbar have a scrollable list of the results.

Each of the filter criteria may require a special user input tool
(biblical content, date, integer slider, etc)

My sorry attempt at a visual design for this was something like:

[Add Filter       [v]
[Date             ]-----------------------------
[Biblical Content ]
[Page Width       ]
[Page Height      ]
[Lines Per Page   ]
[Columns Per Page ]

Then when a filter is selected, its control is added to the toolbar:

| [John v][3 v][16 v] [x] | [Add Filter      [v]

But this is still just my lame idea.  Maybe the dropdown filter select
button could actually just have all the filter settings right in the
dropdown, instead of adding the selected filters to the toolbar.  Hmmmm.
 We could display summary information in the toolbar along with the
filter button, instead... Something like:

[Filter  [v] Results: 30 Manuscripts; 127 Pages


Any designs would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for prayerfully
considering and any time you graciously donate.

Sharing together in work,


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